Sunday, October 2, 2016

September 19th: Photo Shoot at Premise Studio & Oasis Photoshoot

Monday, September 19th was the day of the photo shoots for the clutches and the Hostess Gifts at Premise Studio in Lancaster. At first I thought I was not going to be able to make it to the shoot, I have classes all day on Mondays but luckily my first two classes weren't meeting that morning so I was able to go for a few hours.

Susquehanna Style Magazine uses Donovan Witmer as their photographer for the magazine. Meeting him was an honor. While waiting for Keely and Emily to arrive at the studio (I got there a little early), Donovan and I worked on sorting everything out and setting up a few things for the shoot.

Once Keely and Emily arrived and we organized all of our products and then started shooting the opening photo for the Hostess Gift feature of the December issue of the magazine. Emily and I got to dress up in these super cute vintage holiday dresses and Donovan shot a few photos of us (really just out torsos) giving/receiving gifts from one another.

I had to leave early to get to class but the time I did get to spend at the shoot was really fun and I cannot wait to work with Donovan again. Hopefully I will get to talk to him more about shooting for the magazine because it seems like something I could really get into.

Later that day I had a photoshoot of my own to go to. I headed to Oasis Salon after classes were over to take a few shots of everyone that worked there in celebration of their 20th anniversary!

Here are two of the shots I took:

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