Wednesday, October 26, 2016

October 21st & 22nd Events

One positive outcome of Millersville University going on strike was that I was able to attend the Fashion and Luncheon event at the Sheraton Harrisburg Hershey the morning of Friday, October 21st. I attended the event with Bri and Emily. We set up the Susquehanna Style backdrop and took photos of all the guests that were there. The photos we take at these events are featured in our magazine and on our website. Not all of them are printed but they are all uploaded to the magazines website. We were set up to take photos during the cocktail hour before the actual lunch and fashion show. Sadly, us Style girls were not given a table so if we wanted to stay for the show, we would have had to stand. While that was a bit of a bummer, we were given a packed lunch which was very kind of them.

Even if we were given a table to sit at during the show, I would not have been able to stay long, I was scheduled to work that evening but I was lucky to be able to attend the event so I am thankful for that!

Saturday evening I was able to attend another event for the magazine! Bri and I set up our Susquehanna Style backdrop at the YWCA of Carlisle: BBQ, Boots, & Brew. This event featured local breweries and had a banquet line set up along with desserts and kettle corn. At first Bri and I were told to set up outside but it was way too windy (and cold) for that to happen. Luckily, there was a warehouse were all the brewers were that we had room to set up in.

Not too many people attended the event but we were still able to get a good amount of photos!

October 20th: At the Office

Today in the office we had a our monthly staff meeting to go over items such as the budget and future issues of the magazine, different features and photoshoots we need to schedule. I was able to attend the meeting from start to finish which was nice. Afterwards we had one of our photographers come over and take a photograph of everyone for our holiday postcard that we send out to all of our sponsors and the different companies we work with. We took a nice traditional styled photo and then we had some fun. the editor in chief, Keely, brought some pumpkins and a golden wishbone to use as possible props so we all lined up with Rick and Keely in the center to "break" the wishbone with three or four of the other staff members on each side "helping" them. After that we brainstormed some copy ideas for the postcard. It was a pretty easy day and I had a lot of fun hanging out with the whole staff.

Ocotober 13th & October 18th: Outside the office

Even though school was back in session after fall break, I was able to work on some an assignment outside of the office.

I took the research I had done previously on what other magazines did for their "Best of," and "Secret Supper," events to redesign our "Best of," logo and come up with one for our newest event, "Secret Supper." It took me awhile to come up with what I thought were adequate designs for the magazine.

Here are some rough sketches of design ideas I came up with:

As you can see they are very rough sketches but I redrew my favorites in a much nicer fashion to show Bri and Rick. I am also going to go into Illustrator and create digital versions of each of my favorite designs.

I am pretty happy with what I came up with and I am excited to see which one gets picked as the new design!

October 4th: In the Office

Today was the only day this week I was at the office, I went away for my fall break but that does not mean I didn't have work to do!

On the 4th, while I was in the office I got all the post cards for our Celebrate Women event addressed and sent out, there were probably around 300 postcards to send out to all of the women that are subscribed to our magazine.

Before leaving the office, my supervisor Bri gave me an assignment to work on over my spring break. I had to go onto and research other magazines'  "Best of," events to get an idea as to what they have been doing for them and also see what magazines have done an event called a "Secret Supper," which is something we are looking to do. I had to list off what magazines I had looked at and what they did for each event to hopefully inspire our magazine's future events. I worked on this over my fall break and used the information for another assignment.

In the office September 27th and 29th

This week was pretty laid back as far as things to do for the magazine. I worked on looking over the pre-press release copy of the magazine and made sure every address and phone number for any restaurants, bars, breweries, etc. were correct. While this may sound like a tedious job (and one to just keep an intern busy), it's actually super important and I have to admit I was a bit honored to be holding the official, pre-print copy of the magazine.

After that I scheduled Susquehanna Style's pins for the month on October. To do this I had to make an account on Viraltag and then to schedule pins I accessed the magazine's website through Viraltag, selected the current issue, and set dates and times for each article to be posted onto Pinterest.

I also organized gift cards we send to companies and organizations we work with. They usually get sent out around the holidays as a "thank you."

That was about all I had to do this week at the office.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Style Event: CPYB Gala, Saturday, September 24th

So far this has been my favorite event. The Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet Gala was hosted at the Hilton Harrisburg Saturday evening. It included a cocktail hour, silent auction as a fundraiser, dinner, and a performance.

I was there with Jillian from the magazine. We set up a background that is printed with the magazine logo to take pictures of all the guests in front of. Jillian and I got done setting up pretty early so we walked around the venue and checked everything out. This place was gorgeous and the guests added to the beauty.

Once everyone started arriving, they checked in and then came over to Jillian and I to get their photo taken. I photographed everyone and Jillian got their names (we need them for when it comes time to put the photos in the magazine). The lighting was not the best for photographing but the photos still came out pretty well and it's something that could be touched up in Photoshop if need be.

Here are just a few of the photographs I took that night:

Once cocktail hour and the silent auction ended, everyone headed into a separate room for dinner. After everyone was seated Jillian and I took down the background, looked over all the names and photos to make sure they matched up and then we were finished for the night. I had such a good time meeting a ton of new people, seeing Dr. Scolforo again, and simply getting to dress up myself and see what everyone else was wearing. I cannot wait for the next event!

September 22nd: Staff meeting & Photo shoot with Dr. Scolforo

There was a staff meeting that Bri wanted me to attend so I headed over to the office after my class let out and was able to sit in on it for a bit before I headed out to meet Dr. Scolforo for a photo shoot.

At the staff meeting we talked about next years issues and what features we would have. We talked about the January issue in more detail since we'll need to start working on that soon. I was only able to be there at the meeting for about an hour and then I had to head out to Harrisburg to meet with Dr. Scolforo.

Once I arrived at Dr. Scolforo's office, I talked to her a bit to get an idea as to what the article she is featured in was about and the shots we needed to get for it. Since she was able to send digital copies of photos of herself and her family, all I needed to get was a few photos of some items she mentioned in her interview. We worked together to make sure we got the best photo possible and I believe we were able to achieve it. The shoot was pretty quick and easy.

Out of the couple of shots I took, this one was the best:


It was a quick and easy shoot, the photo needs to be edited a bit but I still think it came out very well. I'm so excited for it to be featured in the magazine!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

September 20th: Returning the clutches, hostess gifts and a photo shoot.

It was time to return all of the items the we borrowed for the December issue of the magazine. I picked everything up from the studio and then as soon as class was over I spent the next couple of hours driving around Lancaster and the local area delivering each product to their store owners.

After I finished doing that I had to head to the office to shoot a couple of photos of different products for the magazine, super easy stuff.

Here are two of my favorite photos:

Knowing that photos I have taken are going to be in the magazine makes me so excited! Doing shoots like this for a magazine is something I could definitely see myself doing as part of my career.
I cannot wait to see what else I will be able to do through this internship.

September 19th: Photo Shoot at Premise Studio & Oasis Photoshoot

Monday, September 19th was the day of the photo shoots for the clutches and the Hostess Gifts at Premise Studio in Lancaster. At first I thought I was not going to be able to make it to the shoot, I have classes all day on Mondays but luckily my first two classes weren't meeting that morning so I was able to go for a few hours.

Susquehanna Style Magazine uses Donovan Witmer as their photographer for the magazine. Meeting him was an honor. While waiting for Keely and Emily to arrive at the studio (I got there a little early), Donovan and I worked on sorting everything out and setting up a few things for the shoot.

Once Keely and Emily arrived and we organized all of our products and then started shooting the opening photo for the Hostess Gift feature of the December issue of the magazine. Emily and I got to dress up in these super cute vintage holiday dresses and Donovan shot a few photos of us (really just out torsos) giving/receiving gifts from one another.

I had to leave early to get to class but the time I did get to spend at the shoot was really fun and I cannot wait to work with Donovan again. Hopefully I will get to talk to him more about shooting for the magazine because it seems like something I could really get into.

Later that day I had a photoshoot of my own to go to. I headed to Oasis Salon after classes were over to take a few shots of everyone that worked there in celebration of their 20th anniversary!

Here are two of the shots I took: