Wednesday, October 26, 2016

October 4th: In the Office

Today was the only day this week I was at the office, I went away for my fall break but that does not mean I didn't have work to do!

On the 4th, while I was in the office I got all the post cards for our Celebrate Women event addressed and sent out, there were probably around 300 postcards to send out to all of the women that are subscribed to our magazine.

Before leaving the office, my supervisor Bri gave me an assignment to work on over my spring break. I had to go onto and research other magazines'  "Best of," events to get an idea as to what they have been doing for them and also see what magazines have done an event called a "Secret Supper," which is something we are looking to do. I had to list off what magazines I had looked at and what they did for each event to hopefully inspire our magazine's future events. I worked on this over my fall break and used the information for another assignment.

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