Wednesday, October 12, 2016

September 22nd: Staff meeting & Photo shoot with Dr. Scolforo

There was a staff meeting that Bri wanted me to attend so I headed over to the office after my class let out and was able to sit in on it for a bit before I headed out to meet Dr. Scolforo for a photo shoot.

At the staff meeting we talked about next years issues and what features we would have. We talked about the January issue in more detail since we'll need to start working on that soon. I was only able to be there at the meeting for about an hour and then I had to head out to Harrisburg to meet with Dr. Scolforo.

Once I arrived at Dr. Scolforo's office, I talked to her a bit to get an idea as to what the article she is featured in was about and the shots we needed to get for it. Since she was able to send digital copies of photos of herself and her family, all I needed to get was a few photos of some items she mentioned in her interview. We worked together to make sure we got the best photo possible and I believe we were able to achieve it. The shoot was pretty quick and easy.

Out of the couple of shots I took, this one was the best:


It was a quick and easy shoot, the photo needs to be edited a bit but I still think it came out very well. I'm so excited for it to be featured in the magazine!

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