Monday, September 26, 2016

September 15th: Pick up clutches and hostess gifts

On September 15th I had a very busy day running to Harrisburg, Hershey, and Lancaster City to pick up the clutches and Hostess Gifts for the December issue of the magazine. I went to Tastealotta, Little Black Dress, Calicutts, The Plum (all in Harrisburg), Simply J Boutique in Hershey, and Baker's Table, Sophie Stargazer, and Because I Like U in Lancaster City. All of these locally owned stores had such unique items and it was so fun going to each one and picking out what will be featured in the magazine. Navigating to each place was another story.

After I picked everything up I brought it all back home and wrote down the name of each item, the price, and what store it was from so as all the information was in one place for when we put it all together in the magazine.

The week of September 19th-24th was a busy one but also so much fun.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Viva Event: September 8th 2016

It was a circus, more or less, but in the best way. You're greeted at the door by a woman dressed like a gypsy and a magician with his magic hat. The first thing you see when you go inside is the man on stilts and two jugglers, to the left is a fortune teller, the right, a cotton candy bar and spinning wheel. Further back you see a weight-lifter, hula-hoop girl, and three dancers swaying to the music being played by a band. Further back, in a room off to the right, there were mermaids swimming through the air. It was all so spectacular.

I took everything in as I walked around, trying to capture the energy and liveliness with the camera I carried in my hands. I tried a cotton candy cocktail and spun the wheel, winning a voucher for the night's signature drink (score!).

It was pretty difficult to get really good shots, I have to be honest. The lighting was a bit dark and stupid me forgot my flash at home but I made the best of it.

From 7:00 to 8:00 was a cocktail hour and then we all were ushered into the auditorium where we got to see a preview of the upcoming musical "Big Fish," which is being shown at Willow Valley Communities, the same location that was hosting the event. All of the characters were the same ones that helped entertain the guests during cocktail hour. The preview was amazing and I would be incredibly surprised if the musical did not do well its featured weekend.

After the preview, dessert was served. I hung around a little longer, got a few more shots of the event and then headed home. Sadly being a college student, I had plenty of homework waiting to get done.

Even though I was not there very long and I was technically working, I had such a great time and I cannot wait for the next event.

Here are a few photos:

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Second Day at the Office

It was a pretty easy, but busy, day at the office today. When I got there everyone (Bri, Sue, and Rick) was just hanging out so I joined them for a little. They are all so laid back and fun, I think I'm going to be really comfortable working with them the next couple of months.

Before heading into the office I grabbed a quick lunch and finished making the phone calls I needed to for the clutches and hostess gift photoshoots.

Soon after I got to the office and talked to everyone, I got started working. I checked my emails and replied to those necessary. I was able to set up a photoshoot for one of the features and started setting up shoot dates for the January issue. Bri (my supervisor) also had me look through the pre-press proof and check all the addresses and phone numbers to make sure they were correct. This may sound boring but I was actually really excited. I kind of feel like Andy from the Devil Wears Prada.

This Thursday I am attending an event with Rick and the editor in chief Keely. It is supposed to be on the dressier side but a really cool and fun event. I'll be taking photos of the event to feature on the magazine's social media pages and I believe the website.

I am so excited for everything I will be doing while interning for Susquehanna Style. I am still a bit nervous and unsure but I am gaining confidence with each day.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

First Day On The Job

A little belated but my first official day at my internship was September 1st. I was really nervous heading over to the office from school because I didn't really know what to expect but it was a pretty standard first day.

When I got there I met with Bri, my supervisor, and we went over everything that I will be doing during the internship, talked more about the assignment I am working on now and ones coming up in the near future, and we talked about scheduling a little bit. After that she showed me to my very own desk, which I'm probably sharing with my fellow intern Emily who is in on Mondays but I mean, I have my own desk, that's pretty exciting.

While at the office I settled in, looked over a few emails regarding assignments and got together the list of phone numbers for the boutiques I am to gather items from for a photo shoot that will be featured in the December issue of the magazine. I also looked over the list of events going on this season and marked down the ones I am able to go to, one being a masquerade ball, heck yeah I'm going!

I was able to join Bri and fellow coworker Rick to a meeting at the Cork Factory hotel in downtown Lancaster city. We got there a little early so the three of us bonded over pictures of our unique pets. In November we are hosting an event there so we were just meeting with the hotel's event coordinator to go over some more details regarding the event.

After this meeting we headed back to the office and I stopped by Dunkin' Donuts (right across the street from the office, this will be a problem for me personally) to grab a coffee and start making phone calls.

My first day was pretty laid back and I am already feeling very comfortable. I am so excited for this internship, they already have me setting up shoots where I will be the one taking the photos that will be featured in the magazine which to me is a huge deal!

This week I'm in the office on Tuesday, finishing up those phone calls to the boutiques and setting up some appointments for photo shoots and then Thursday I have an event to go to where, yes, I will be taking some photos!

This semester is going to be amazing.