Sunday, September 4, 2016

First Day On The Job

A little belated but my first official day at my internship was September 1st. I was really nervous heading over to the office from school because I didn't really know what to expect but it was a pretty standard first day.

When I got there I met with Bri, my supervisor, and we went over everything that I will be doing during the internship, talked more about the assignment I am working on now and ones coming up in the near future, and we talked about scheduling a little bit. After that she showed me to my very own desk, which I'm probably sharing with my fellow intern Emily who is in on Mondays but I mean, I have my own desk, that's pretty exciting.

While at the office I settled in, looked over a few emails regarding assignments and got together the list of phone numbers for the boutiques I am to gather items from for a photo shoot that will be featured in the December issue of the magazine. I also looked over the list of events going on this season and marked down the ones I am able to go to, one being a masquerade ball, heck yeah I'm going!

I was able to join Bri and fellow coworker Rick to a meeting at the Cork Factory hotel in downtown Lancaster city. We got there a little early so the three of us bonded over pictures of our unique pets. In November we are hosting an event there so we were just meeting with the hotel's event coordinator to go over some more details regarding the event.

After this meeting we headed back to the office and I stopped by Dunkin' Donuts (right across the street from the office, this will be a problem for me personally) to grab a coffee and start making phone calls.

My first day was pretty laid back and I am already feeling very comfortable. I am so excited for this internship, they already have me setting up shoots where I will be the one taking the photos that will be featured in the magazine which to me is a huge deal!

This week I'm in the office on Tuesday, finishing up those phone calls to the boutiques and setting up some appointments for photo shoots and then Thursday I have an event to go to where, yes, I will be taking some photos!

This semester is going to be amazing.

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