Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Internship Goals

Tomorrow, September 1st, is my first official day at my internship at Susquehanna Style Magazine. I'm not 100% sure what I will be doing during my internship just yet, but it sounds like I will be collecting items for photoshoots, assisting in the set up, possibly writing a few pieces for the magazine, and maybe even helping with the design and layout.

I have set goals for my internship and they are as follows:

1. To assist in photo shoots and hopefully take some photos for the magazine. I want to gain more experience with setting up shoots that will help enhance the content of the magazine.

2. I hope to learn more about the process behind designing the layout of the magazine and corresponding website. 

3. I would like to learn more about the marketing process, specifically advertising. I want to combine my art/design background with what I have learned so far with my marketing minor and learn to apply it, I think this would best be done by learning more about your advertising process.

I'm so grateful for this opportunity and I am excited to apply what I have learned in multiple classes to real life work.

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