Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Second Day at the Office

It was a pretty easy, but busy, day at the office today. When I got there everyone (Bri, Sue, and Rick) was just hanging out so I joined them for a little. They are all so laid back and fun, I think I'm going to be really comfortable working with them the next couple of months.

Before heading into the office I grabbed a quick lunch and finished making the phone calls I needed to for the clutches and hostess gift photoshoots.

Soon after I got to the office and talked to everyone, I got started working. I checked my emails and replied to those necessary. I was able to set up a photoshoot for one of the features and started setting up shoot dates for the January issue. Bri (my supervisor) also had me look through the pre-press proof and check all the addresses and phone numbers to make sure they were correct. This may sound boring but I was actually really excited. I kind of feel like Andy from the Devil Wears Prada.

This Thursday I am attending an event with Rick and the editor in chief Keely. It is supposed to be on the dressier side but a really cool and fun event. I'll be taking photos of the event to feature on the magazine's social media pages and I believe the website.

I am so excited for everything I will be doing while interning for Susquehanna Style. I am still a bit nervous and unsure but I am gaining confidence with each day.

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