Wednesday, October 26, 2016

October 21st & 22nd Events

One positive outcome of Millersville University going on strike was that I was able to attend the Fashion and Luncheon event at the Sheraton Harrisburg Hershey the morning of Friday, October 21st. I attended the event with Bri and Emily. We set up the Susquehanna Style backdrop and took photos of all the guests that were there. The photos we take at these events are featured in our magazine and on our website. Not all of them are printed but they are all uploaded to the magazines website. We were set up to take photos during the cocktail hour before the actual lunch and fashion show. Sadly, us Style girls were not given a table so if we wanted to stay for the show, we would have had to stand. While that was a bit of a bummer, we were given a packed lunch which was very kind of them.

Even if we were given a table to sit at during the show, I would not have been able to stay long, I was scheduled to work that evening but I was lucky to be able to attend the event so I am thankful for that!

Saturday evening I was able to attend another event for the magazine! Bri and I set up our Susquehanna Style backdrop at the YWCA of Carlisle: BBQ, Boots, & Brew. This event featured local breweries and had a banquet line set up along with desserts and kettle corn. At first Bri and I were told to set up outside but it was way too windy (and cold) for that to happen. Luckily, there was a warehouse were all the brewers were that we had room to set up in.

Not too many people attended the event but we were still able to get a good amount of photos!

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