Wednesday, October 26, 2016

In the office September 27th and 29th

This week was pretty laid back as far as things to do for the magazine. I worked on looking over the pre-press release copy of the magazine and made sure every address and phone number for any restaurants, bars, breweries, etc. were correct. While this may sound like a tedious job (and one to just keep an intern busy), it's actually super important and I have to admit I was a bit honored to be holding the official, pre-print copy of the magazine.

After that I scheduled Susquehanna Style's pins for the month on October. To do this I had to make an account on Viraltag and then to schedule pins I accessed the magazine's website through Viraltag, selected the current issue, and set dates and times for each article to be posted onto Pinterest.

I also organized gift cards we send to companies and organizations we work with. They usually get sent out around the holidays as a "thank you."

That was about all I had to do this week at the office.

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