Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Style Event: CPYB Gala, Saturday, September 24th

So far this has been my favorite event. The Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet Gala was hosted at the Hilton Harrisburg Saturday evening. It included a cocktail hour, silent auction as a fundraiser, dinner, and a performance.

I was there with Jillian from the magazine. We set up a background that is printed with the magazine logo to take pictures of all the guests in front of. Jillian and I got done setting up pretty early so we walked around the venue and checked everything out. This place was gorgeous and the guests added to the beauty.

Once everyone started arriving, they checked in and then came over to Jillian and I to get their photo taken. I photographed everyone and Jillian got their names (we need them for when it comes time to put the photos in the magazine). The lighting was not the best for photographing but the photos still came out pretty well and it's something that could be touched up in Photoshop if need be.

Here are just a few of the photographs I took that night:

Once cocktail hour and the silent auction ended, everyone headed into a separate room for dinner. After everyone was seated Jillian and I took down the background, looked over all the names and photos to make sure they matched up and then we were finished for the night. I had such a good time meeting a ton of new people, seeing Dr. Scolforo again, and simply getting to dress up myself and see what everyone else was wearing. I cannot wait for the next event!

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