Thursday, November 3, 2016

October 25th, 27th, and 29th: Inside the office and....Masquerade Ball!

On Tuesday, I was in the office working on scheduling times for the blogs from the October issue to be published to Pintrest. As before I used Viraltag for this. After I finished that I showed Bri my final design ideas for the logos I mentioned earlier and she really liked them. Bri is going to show them to Rick and see which ones he likes and if he thinks they should be tweaked at all. That is all I had to do on Tuesday so it was another easy day at the office.

Thursday while in the office I worked on scheduling Pinterest times for articles in the November issue and preparing SWAG bags for the  Celebrate Women in Style event, Thursday, November 3rd. I also got assigned two scouting blurbs for the February issue so I will get started on those asap.

Saturday, October 29th and the night of the Masquerade Ball was finally here!! The ball was being hosted at Martin's Library in York, PA and it was absolutely gorgeous. Emily and I were there for Style Scene. At the beginning there were not a lot of people so it was easy to keep the flow going from the check-in table to Style Scene and into the room where the main event was being held but after about a half an hour hoards of people started showing up. Technically Emily and I only needed to get about 20 photos or spend an hour there, which ever came first, but we were doing Style Scene for a little over an hour and a half and I took over 70 photos. After awhile we had to start telling people we were no longer taking photos for the magazine but I offered to take photos with peoples' cell phones. Emily stood by the entrance and told guests what we were doing while they came in and I stayed by the backdrop and took photos with peoples' phones.

It was such a fun night seeing everyone's masks and outfits, some people even wore costumes. By far my favorite event!

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