Friday, December 16, 2016

November 22nd - December 1st

Over Thanksgiving break we did not need to go into the office but Bri gave Emily and I some work to do. She gave us both the list of non-profits we work with and asked us to go through them (Emily had A-K and I had L-Z) and update their contact information. It is a pretty long list, we're still working on it actually but Bri told us to take our time, there isn't a true deadline for this assignment.

The first week of December we then scheduled the next photo shoot for the March issue featuring home decor. Emily and I worked on calling the local shops we wanted to feature in the shoot and set up pick up dates and drop off times. That photo shoot is scheduled for December 16th and I am super excited for it, home design/decor is one of my favorite things to play with in my free time, I already have a couple ideas for the shoot!

While I am still staying at the magazine through the winter and spring semester, my "final" day there for the fall semester was December 1st. I will continue blogging about everything I do for the magazine over the next couple of months.

Sadly, Bri Burkhart, my supervisor at the magazine is leaving at the end of December to pursue another career so Emily and I got her a few little gifts and a thank you card to thank her for everything she has done for us.

I'm excited to see who takes her place at the magazine and what I can learn from them!

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