Friday, December 16, 2016

November 15th & 17th

On Tuesday, November 15th, I had to go to a new restaurant in Hershey called Hershey Biergarten to take some photos for the scouting blurb I was writing on them. Scouting blurbs are small paragraphs describing the subject we are featuring. There is a scouting section of the magazine and in each issue we feature a couple local shops, restaurants, people etc. I made sure to grab a bunch of different shots of Hershey Biergarten such as photos of the whole restaurant and smaller details. The restaurant features 12 different local brews on tap and offered take out options as well with multiple fridges that hold packs of brand named and local beers. The owner even gave me a tour of the place which is also connected to an Escape Room (owned by the same person).

Along with the scouting blurb for Hershey Biergarten, I was also working on one for Ananda Integration, a modern day spa in Lancaster city. They had some of their own photos so they just sent those to me instead of having me come out to take more photos.

Writing the scouting blurbs was definitely something new for me, I'm not a big writer so that made me very nervous knowing what I wrote was then going to be in the magazine but I am excited to see what people say and am open to writing more in the future!

On Thursday I had another shoot for one of Emily's scouting blurbs. She was writing about Valencia Ballroom in York and their renovation/reopening. Valencia was still being worked on when I went to take the photos but that fit with their blurb so I thought it was totally appropriate. I was even given a tour of the whole space which was absolutely breathtaking in my opinion, even unfinished. There were so many of the original features still intact, a ton of 1920s art deco touches.

Later that day Emily and I went to the Young Professionals event at the Agricultural Event in York and set up Style Scene to take some photos for the magazine. The cocktail hour to this even was outside and it was so cold but incredibly beautiful. We did not get a ton of photos mainly because everyone wanted to go indoors (I didn't blame them). After we took the Style Scene photos, Emily and I walked around the museum, grabbed a little something to eat and headed home to warm ourselves back up.

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