Friday, December 16, 2016

November 10th: Photo shoots Galore

On Thursday, November 10th, I had three different photo shoots to go to. The first one I shot myself and that was for a new, updated advertisement for Habitat for Humanity. I met the coordinator and two Habitat for Humanity staff at a local home right outside of the city. It was the perfect day to shoot, nice and sunny, the only challenge was making sure we did not get any bare trees in the background. I tried a couple of different angles to give them plenty of options to choose from for their new ad.

We were going for a sort of in-action shot for the advertisement. We did not want anything too posed but wanted to make sure the workers looked like they were having a good time gathering all the donations.

The next two shoots I had that day were for the men's jeans feature and cover of the February issue of the magazine. I met Keely, Bri and Emily at Premise Studio where we work with Don Witmer. They had already started on the jeans feature by the time I got there but I was able to jump right in and help out. I worked on setting the jeans up in their different groups for the photos. I even made a suggestion for the cover page of the feature that Keely and Don really liked which made me feel so good!

Next was the shoot for the February cover, this was a fun one. The cover for the February shoot features three different flavors of wings which Keely picked up from a local restaurant. We tried a couple of different layouts for the wings which also included a few cups of sauces and celery sticks. This shoot was so messy but a lot of fun, we even got to eat the wings after we were done!

Once we finished up with the photo shoots, I helped drop off the jeans we borrowed from local shops then headed home to work on the Habitat for Humanity photos. Busy day but an extremely successful one!

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